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Gift Cards

Gift cards


Use them all around campus!

Currently, the  uses a separate system for gift cards.

Available in any amount. Redeemable at all Broadway and Downtown retail locations.


Frequently Asked Questions

The cards can be purchased and redeemed at all of our retail operations at both the downtown and Broadway campus. This includes the cafeterias, JJ's Restaurant, The Bistro, , and .

The 管家婆彩图 Salon & Spa has a separate card.

The minimum amount is $1.00

No, the card is only able to be loaded once. Once the total value is redeemed, the card is rendered void and a new card can be loaded at your convenience.

You can check the balance of your gift card at any of the retail locations that you would go to purchase or redeem the card.

Gift cards are as good as cash, as such they can not be replaced if lost or stolen.

No, the gift cards do not expire.

You can return the item for cash back so long as it meets the outlets return policy just as you would if you had purchased the item with cash.